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Premiums based on BUILD COSTS

Premiums based on BUILD COSTS will save £1000’s on Structural Warranties!





All our premiums based on BUILD COST, NOT selling value!

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Roylemac10 have managed to source some of the keenest premiums in the insurance market today, we offer our warranties based on the BUILD COST of your project NOT the market selling value!

Roylemac10 offer each client their own dedicated Sales Manager and Surveyor.

Builder and developer protection/ or investor backing in construction projects.

Latent defects insurance providing 10 years’ warranty against residential or commercial building defect or design.

Policies available for new build projects, self-build projects and completed properties.

Don’t waste money on other less favorable premiums, we can offer you not just the best value for money, but the best level of cover.

Don’t make the mistake of buying your Latent Defects Insurance any other way.

You could save money. Plain and simple.

You could save money. Plain and simple.

You could save money.

Plain and simple.

10 Year Structural Defect Insurance is a specialist insurance product providing cover for various new and completed property builds that are less than 10 years old. This essential form of cover is required by mortgage lenders before they release funds to property purchasers.

Structural Defect Insurance protects the purchaser for a period of 10 years against structural defects in the build from year 3*.  Possible defects that may arise include subsidence, shrinkage, water ingress or structural instability.

Structural Defect Insurance is also known as Structural Latent Defect Insurance and covers New Build, Self Build, Conversions and Social Housing Projects.  It covers the structural envelope of the property (the foundations, walls, roofing, floors etc.) and non-load-bearing elements.  The policyholder is responsible for the fixtures and fittings.

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